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PE and Sports Premium

Sports and PE are an essential part of life at The Leys Primary School. We employ a specialist PE teacher who works with children and staff from Foundation Stage up to Year 6.  They lead 1 PE lesson each week, alongside class teachers, which encourages children to take an active role in keeping fit and healthy.  During lessons, they also teach children specialist skills to improve their physical strength, agility and skills.  All children at The Leys are included in PE lessons.

The PE teacher, alongside class teachers, also runs sports clubs after school and will take teams to tournaments and fixtures after school.  These include boys and girls football, table tennis, rugby, cricket and athletics.  We also have a netball team led by another member of staff.

We encourage all children to have an active lifestyle and take part in school competitions and events.  Many of our children play in local leagues and attend our sports clubs after school.

• We have an annual sports day for both Early Years/KS1 and KS2.
• All our children in Year 4 swim for one whole year help them gain confidence and proficiency in the water.
• Most teachers still teach one PE lesson a week - support provided by PE teacher.

What is the Sports Premium

The Government will continue investment in the Primary PE & Sport Premium, as announced in December 2015 through ‘Sporting Future: A New Strategy for an Active Nation.’ The Leys normally receives about £9,000 for the academic year, however, for the next two years the funding is to double and we expect the funding to increase to £18,000.

How are we spending the Sports Premium grant?

We use some of our funding to access Stevenge Sporting Futures a local organisation who provide; training for staff, organise local leagues, train pupils to become Sports Ambassadors and provide a wide range of sporting opportunities both in and out of school for our pupils.
Stevenage Football Club Play Leaders are also employed to support children in both KS1 and KS2 across lunchtime.  The play leaders have raised the profile of sport at lunchtimes, lead structured games, provide good role models and helped to reduce negative behaviour.

We also use this funding to pay for access to local leagues, transport to sporting fixtures and to maintain equipment and clubs.

Who monitors how the grant is spent?

The outcomes of sport take up are monitored by the Senior Leadership Team (SLT), specialist sports teacher and Governors.  A summary of our annual sports spending is detailed in the attached documents.

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