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The Board of Governors

Our board of governors works hard to ensure that the needs of our community are met. They work with the headteacher and other teaching staff to ensure that the best possible education is being provided, they provide their expertise and resources to help benefit the community and they visit the school regularly to meet pupils and hear their views.

Ofsted have praised the work of our governors, saying:

Governance is a strength of the school. Governors work hard and have high ambitions for the school. They undertake regular monitoring activities, as well as evaluating a range of other evidence, including internal and external reports, in order to accurately assess the strengths and weaknesses of the school. As a result, they are clear about achievements to date and the areas that require further development. They are supportive and challenging in equal measure. (2018)

At present, our board of governors consists of:

  • The headteacher, who works closely with, and is the primary channel between, our governors and the rest of our community

  • 6 Co-opted governors who have been asked to contribute their knowledge and experience in a variety of fields to help better our school

  • 2 Parent Governors, who have been elected by the parents to represent their interests to the board and speak on all of their behalf about the direction that our school should take

  • 1 Local Authority governor who has been selected to represent the the interests of Hertfordshire’s education authority

  • 1 Staff governor, who has been elected by colleagues to represent their interests to the board

Meet our Governors

Marina Stone - Chair of Governing Body

Category of Governor: Co-Opted
Appointing Body: Governing Body
Term of Office: 03.12.19 - 03.12.23
Current membership and responsibilities:
Chair of Governors, School Improvement Committee, Safeguarding, SEND
Register of Interest: Governor at Ashtree School

I am a mother of eight, four of whom attend The Leys. I chaired the PTA for two years and played a part in establishing it in the 18 months prior to this. I currently volunteer on the maternity ward at the local hospital and have been doing this for the past ten years. I also hold a governor position at another primary school in the town. In my spare time I enjoy exploring all manner of places with my young family, caves and mines area big favourite! I also enjoy learning and can always be found training or completing courses of some variety or learning languages. I believe the education children receive at primary level sets the foundations for the rest of their lives and that all children have the right to an outstanding education.

Barry Hack - Co-Opted

Category of Governor: Co-Opted
Appointing Body: Governing Body
Term of Office: 03.12.19 - 03.12.23
Current membership and responsibilities:
Vice Chair of Governors, Chair of School Improvement Committee, Information and Communication Technology
Register of Interest: None

I have been a School Governor at The Leys for over 6 years now. My family lives in Ripon Road, my wife is a Teaching Assistant at the school and all three of my daughters were pupils there, from nursery to Year 6 and I am very proud of their schooling and results. I have a strong belief that Early Years and Primary School are where the children develop their learning ethos for the rest of their lives. If we can help to give them a good start in life then that will usually continue through to adulthood and beyond. I work locally in the advanced electronics industry which gives me a passion for ICT, science and mathematics in particular. I regularly travel overseas for work and coupled with my interest in robots, provide some interesting shows and presentations for the children.

Phil Bibby - Local Authority - Vice-Chair

Category of Governor: Local Authority
Appointing Body: Governing Body
Term of Office: 26.02.21 - 25.02.25
Current membership and responsibilities:
Chair of Resources Committee, Link Governor for Pupil Premium, English and Children Looked After
Register of Interest: Governor at Shephalbury Park School

I retired as a Bank Manager in 2006 and, since then, have been working for the community, particularly St Nicholas, where I have lived since 1998. I am the County Councillor for St Nicholas, and a Borough Councillor for Woodfield. I have been delighted to have been a Governor for The Leys for 13 years, getting involved at a senior level with key aspects of school improvement and development.

Davinder Khangura - Ex-Officio

Category of Governor: Ex-Officio
Appointing Body: Governing Body
Term of Office: 20.05.19 - 19.05.23
Current membership and responsibilities:
Headteacher of the Leys Primary and Nursery School
Register of Interest: Staff

I have been teaching for over 17 years at various schools within and out of the county. I am passionate about improving the life chances and aspirations of children as they leave primary school and continue their journeys elsewhere. I have previously been an Assistant Headteacher, the deputy head and now the  Headteacher at The Leys Primary School and I currently hold the role of  Designated Safeguarding Person. Part of these roles requires reporting to governors on matters of safeguarding, progress and attainment, so becoming a member of the Governing Body as an Assistant head made sense – it allows for ongoing dialogue and for governors to appropriately challenge when necessary. Our number one priority is ensuring that all our pupils are safe and they have high aspirations at school, and this is held in the highest regard during Governing Body meetings. I enjoy the oversight of school that being a governor provides, and I feel that I can contribute, in a positive way, to key decisions and discussions. I also feel that the professional development I get from being part of the Governing Body is invaluable. The Governing Body (and staff as a whole) want what is best for our children, and we all pull in the same direction to try and achieve this. Outside of school, my time is filled by my two young sons!

Seeta Patel - Parent Governor

Category of Governor: Parent
Appointing Body: Parent / Carers
Term of Office:
Current membership and responsibilities:
Mathematics & Resources
Register of Interest: None

As a parent of twins in Year 1, I have a continued interest in The Leys. Education is very close to my heart and as schools strive to meet narrow government targets, important aspects of our children’s education can be neglected. Due to this, I am especially keen to help by becoming a parent governor. I come from a Mathematical background and work in Finance for which I believe this and my passion for education, I will be able to contribute to making a difference to our wonderful school.

Maslline Katiyo - Parent Governor

Category of Governor: Parent
Appointing Body: Parent / Carers
Term of Office:
Current membership and responsibilities:
Register of Interest: None

My daughter is in year two at The Leys primary, ever since she started her education at The Leys, we have had an amazing experience. Schools strive to help children with additional needs in the best way they can under tight resources, sometimes it’s challenging to bridge this gap with carers hence I am keen to become a Parent Governor. I come from an accounting and administration background, and work at a local mental hospital. My interest is mental health and safeguarding. I believe every child has the right to be heard, nurtured, and protected. I believe my skills and experience will make a positive difference in the decision making as we thrive to make the school better for our current and future pupils.

Adam Richardson - Parent Governor

Category of Governor: Parent
Appointing Body: Parent / Carers
Term of Office:
Current membership and responsibilities:
Register of Interest: None

I have two daughters in the school, both of whom are thriving at the Leys. I’m former pupil of the Leys, this combined with my children’s experience has led me to have a strong interest in helping the school to help its pupils to achieve their potential. My background is in service improvement, I’ve worked within Local Authorities, Children’s Services and Youth Services supporting service delivery in the face of funding cuts. I’m currently working in a University Digital department working to deliver improvements to help our students to succeed in their studies.

Through my skills and experience I hope I can make a positive impact to support decision making within the school as it makes decisions in a challenging climate. In my spare time I volunteer with a local scout group and help with the coaching of a mini’s rugby tea

Deb Oakley - Co-Opted

Category of Governor: Co-Opted
Appointing Body: Governing Body
Term of Office: 03.12.19 - 03.12.23
Current membership and responsibilities:
School improvement committee, DT, Music

Register of Interest: Staff

Hi I'm Deb Oakley I am a co-opted governor. I have two children, one is in year 9 and other is in year 6 at the leys . I work as a Mealtime Supervisor and I'm also a bank member of staff for Teaching work. I love what I do at the school staff and the children are great . In my spare time like to spend with family we also as a family volunteer at the children's trust It helps children with brain injury.

Debbie Williamson- Co-Opted

Category of Governor: Co-Opted
Appointing Body: Governing Body
Term of Office: 17.07.19 - 16.07.23
Current membership and responsibilities:
Resources Committee, More Able Pupils

Register of Interest: Chair of Governors at Codicote Church of England Primary School, Financial Services Delivery Manager at Herts for Learning

I have been a Governor for over 15 years, serving as Chair of the Governing Body at Codicote CofE School for a number of years. I believe that all children are entitled to receive the best possible education to enhance their life chances, whatever their challenges or background. School should be a positive, harmonious place where all contributions are valued and everyone feels safe and secure. There are a number of challenges providing this, not least the financial planning and stability of all schools. I hope my experience in this area will be beneficial to The Leys. By serving on two Governing bodies I hope to contribute to both, whilst making sure my knowledge is current and relevant to different settings.

Hayley Sherwood - Co-Opted

Category of Governor: Co-Opted
Appointing Body: Governing Body
Term of Office: 17.07.19 - 16.07.23
Current membership and responsibilities:
School Improvement Committee, PSHE, Mental Health

Register of Interest: 1decision (Supplier of resources for the subject of PSHE/Safeguarding)

As a former pupil of the Leys, I am dedicated to supporting the school in any areas where my expert knowledge can be utilised. For the last decade, I have worked within education in various ways from managing alternative provisions for dis-engaged students to creating a full suite of resources to support the subject of PSHE within primary schools across the UK. I am passionate about safeguarding children at every opportunity and look forward to supporting the Leys further.

Governor Attendance

Our governors meet as a whole group twice a term. This is known as a Full Governing Body meeting (FGB for short) and is a chance for them to hear about how the school is doing as well as discuss the issues that face the school community. They then take actions to address these issues such as accepting policies and planning governor-related events.

Below is a record of the attendance of governors at Full Governing Body meetings this year:

Governor Committees & Link Roles

As well as meeting together as a full group, our governors work together in smaller groups called committees that look at and work on a particular part of school life. Some committees meet regularly, such as the School Improvement Committee and Resources Committee, while some meet only when they are needed, such as the Exclusions Committee and the Complaints Committee. 

Each governor also has a link responsibility. This is a part of school life that they are responsible for staying in touch with and then letting the rest of the governors know how that part of school life is going.

Below are tables that show the different committees, who their members are and what link roles different governors have:

Pay Personnel and Appraisal Committee
Resource Committee
Anne-Marie Fonseca, SBM - in attendance

Resources Committee
Debbie Williamson
Phil Bibby (Chair)
Davinder Khangura
Mark Freeman
Sally Clibbon
Seeta Patel

School Improvement Committee
Hayley Sherwood (Chair)
Barry Hack
Mel Stone (Chair)
Deb Oakley
Marie Doherty
Davinder Khangura

Panel Pools
Headteacher's Performance Management -
Barry Hack, Phil Bibby, Mel Stone, Mark Freeman, Hayley Sherwood
Complaints -
Phil Bibby, Mel Stone, Hayley Sherwood, Barry Hack, Mark Freeman, Seeta Patel
Staff Disciplinary -
Mel Stone, Phil Bibby, Barry Hack, Hayley Sherwood, Mark Freeman, Seeta Patel
Exclusions -
Mel Stone, Deb Oakley, Hayley Sherwood, Barry Hack, Phil Bibby, Mark Freeman

Link Roles
Safeguarding - Mel Stone
Health & Safety - Mark Freeman
SRE - Hayley Sherwood
Mental Health & Wellbeing - Hayley Sherwood
SEND - Mel Stone
IT - Barry Hack
RE - To be appointed
Geography - To be appointed
History - To be appointed
English - Phil Bibby
Maths - Seeta Patel (Mel Stone to cover)
Science - Barry Hack
DT - Deb Oakley
Music - Deb Oakley
PE & Sports Funding - Mark Freeman
MFL - Mel Stone
Pupil Premium - Phil Bibby
CLA - Phil Bibby
EYFS - Hayley Sherwood
Training - Sally Clibbon
Website - Hayley Sherwood
Visits - Marie Doherty

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