Primary Science Bronze Quality Mark

At the Leys we actively promote Science and we are delighted that so many children enjoy this subject in all phases. Science is everywhere in today's world. It is part of our daily lives, and advances in technology and science are transforming our world at an incredible pace, and our children's future!In 2016 we achieved the Bronze Quality Mark, and we are working towards the new Primary Science Quality Mark recently launched. In our school we have identified our Principles of Science as:

Science is Successful when..

•  Children are engaged, enjoy learning and become inquisitive about Science.
•  It is practical/hands on and answers questions that children pose.
•  It links to real life and builds on their own experiences.(SMSC)
•  It inspires children to look at and explore the world around them.
•  It is differentiated and challenging for all children.
•  Staff use a variety of teaching styles, are enthusiastic and have a good subject knowledge.
•  It has cross curricular links to all subjects.
•  There are a variety of resources of a high quality.

How did we achieve this? These are some of the ways ..

•  We have a clear vision for the teaching and learning of Science
•  We have a shared and demonstrated understanding of the importance and value of Science to children’s learning
•  We have a range of teaching and learning approaches for Science
•  We have a range of up-to-date, quality resources specifically for teaching and learning Science. ICT is used both as a tool and as a resource for teaching.
•  All pupils are actively engaged in a Science enquiry; using a variety of enquiry strategies, independently making decisions, using evidence to answer their own questions, solving real problems, evaluating their work.
•  The purpose of Science assessment is well understood and shared by the members of the school community
•  Children enjoy their science experiences in school
•  Science supports and links with other curriculum areas and contributes to maximising whole school initiatives
•  There are clear links to other schools and outside agencies, organisations, communities to enrich Science teaching and learning.

What are we doing now?

•  Offering more Science clubs.
•  Inviting in Science organisations to lead school assemblies.

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