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" Science is simply the word WE USE TO DESCRIBE A Method of Organizing our CURIOSITY - Tim Minchin"


‍At The Leys, we encourage children to be inquisitive throughout their time at the school and beyond. The Science curriculum fosters a healthy curiosity in children about our universe and promotes respect for the living and non-living. We believe science encompasses the acquisition of knowledge, concepts, skills, and positive attitudes. Throughout the programmes of study, the children will acquire and develop the key knowledge that has been identified within each unit and across each year group, as well as the application of scientific skills. We ensure that the Working Scientifically skills are built-on and developed throughout children’s time at the school so that they can apply their knowledge of science when using equipment, conducting experiments, building arguments, and explaining concepts confidently and continue to ask questions and be curious about their surroundings.



Teachers create a positive attitude to science learning within their classrooms and reinforce an expectation that all children are capable of achieving high standards in science. Our whole school approach to the teaching and learning of science involves the following;


The successful approach at The Leys results in a fun, engaging, high-quality science education, that provides children with the foundations and knowledge for understanding the world. Our engagement with the local environment ensures that children learn through varied and first-hand experiences of the world around them. Frequent, continuous and progressive learning outside the classroom is embedded throughout the science curriculum. Through various workshops, trips and interactions with experts, children have the understanding that science has changed our lives and that it is vital to the world’s future prosperity. Children learn the possibilities for careers in science through the study of famous scientists from various backgrounds, all children feel they are scientists and capable of achieving. Children at The Leys enjoy science and this results in motivated learners with sound scientific understanding.

Subject Overview

- Subject Overview 2023-24
- Science Progression Grid

Knowledge Organisers

Want to find out more about what your child is learning in Science? These knowledge organisers will help you to explore the area of study and ask questions at home!

Photo Gallery Spring/Summer 2023

Pupil Voice

“I like to do the experiments and learning about different types of animals” - Y1 Child

“In STEAM week we built cars and did a race about the cars. It was so much fun” - Y2 Child

“Making volcanoes was cool - we made mini ones in the STEAM room” - Y3 Child

“Working scientifically means thinking smarter instead of guessing. Being like a scientist - finding evidence and using it to add what you think” - Y4 Child

“The superheroes are helpful so we can coach others and know what we’re focusing on” - Y5 child

“Child led investigations are my favourite -gives our brains a chance to think ‘how do we do this’?” - Y6 Child

Children were asked about Science that they do at home- these were some of their responses:

“Coffee beans are melted down into a paste when my dad makes his coffee” - Y5 Child

“Cleaning at home - the products can create a reaction, like the chemical sprays” - Y4 Child

“Science at home could mean making cakes, muffins and chocolate bombes” - Y3 Child

“Making a cup of tea is science as there is a reaction between the milk and the teabag and the hot water” - Y6 Child

“Painting at home - I mix two colours together” - Y2 Child


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