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Early Years Quality Gold Standard

EARLY YEARS GOLD STANDARD for outstanding provision

In Reception and Nursery we are committed to providing high quality and exciting provision for all of our children. As part of our self-assessment we undertook the Early Years Quality standard. From September 2015- July 2016 we completed the bronze, silver and gold awards. As part of the gold award we transformed both outdoor learning environments. We used the mosaic approach to collect the views of parents and children and used these to reconstruct the outdoor areas in both Nursery and Reception. In Reception the outdoor area doubled in size and increased the children's access to gross motor provision, including a traverse wall. In Nursery we redesigned the area allowing the children access to a gardening area and a mud kitchen. Thanks to our supportive parents and school our children now have access to excellent outdoor learning environments.

A quote from the final visit by the assessor to highlight how we achieved this.

"Over time, changes have been made to the outdoor environment to provide rich, stimulating learning opportunities.  The commitment to the EYQS project brought this to the fore and drove the adaptations. The team decided they wanted a learning environment that had been created by the children.  The previous outdoor area had been too small for 75 children to access effectively.  The assessment process also highlighted that the Reception area was lacking in a variety of play surfaces and levels.

The area had already been identified by the team but it was also highlighted in the assessment. Initially, the team used the Mosaic Approach to guide the development of the project. As the project developed the team relaxed the way this approach was being followed. After the project focus was identified, the team shared various relevant documents and advice to support the work.

The children’s skills were audited at the beginning of the project to assess how that development could be enhanced."

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