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“Writing…to me, is simply thinking through my fingers”
Isaac Asimov.

Writing is not a subject; it is part of reading, speaking and listening. Being a writer means being a reader, articulating stories and characters, listening to tales and learning from other writers. Through teaching exciting and engaging lessons you can help children to discover stories, create worlds, record events, mould characters and inspire each other as writers.

Our Vision;

At The Leys Primary and Nursery school it is our Vision that every child is given the opportunity to excel in their writing through the use of exciting, engaging and active lessons driven by inspiring and motivated teachers. We believe this encouragement will enable the children to become confident writers who will develop a genuine love for writing.

We believe that the fundamental functions of language as a means of expressing feelings, establishing contact with others and bringing about desired responses, are crucial in underpinning life skills and all aspects of the curriculum. The children will use writing to express themselves creatively and be able to independently write for a wide range of different purposes and audiences. They will be able to reflect on their own and others writing pieces and have a confident understanding that writing has a real purpose and that word choice and style can bring about change.




How do we ensure progression throughout the years within writing?

In order for pupils to make adequate progress each year, it is important that both teachers and pupils know how progress is being achieved and built upon throughout each year group. As a school, it is our main focus to ensure every pupil makes progress and therefore we use a number of different ways to track this:

Firstly, we follow the National Curriculum for Writing:
We ensure that we are focussing on these set objectives throughout each year. We continuously look at these objectives and ‘RAG’ rate if our pupils are meeting them- If they are not, we continuously recap them and put provisions in place until these objectives are secure.

Along with following the National Curriculum Objectives for writing, we follow the Herts for Learning progression document which allows teachers and pupils to look back at what they have learnt previously, how they are developing those skills now, and what they will do in the future. Starting with the foundation stage all the way up to year 6, this document provides in depth information related to a certain text type. These include: progression in recount texts, progression in instruction texts , progression in non-chronological reports , progression in explanation texts, progression in persuasive texts and progression in discussion texts. The document provides a grammar focus, which is built upon their previous experience and demonstrates the grammar progression throughout all of the year groups.

We also use the Herts for Learning modeled text, which shows both teachers and pupils what an ‘expected’ example of each text type should look like and include.

Finally, at the end of each year, we have an in depth handover meeting with our pupils' new teachers. Discussing the requirements of each pupil, where they are and how they can progress. Each teacher also RAG rates all of the national curriculum objectives so that the new teacher is able to recap the skills that the pupils require.

Using these indepth ways to follow progression we are allowing EVERY child to make the best possible progress they can.

Writing Subject Overview 2022-23 (pdf download)

Useful Resources:

Writing Strand Tracker - Pdf Download
Non-Negotiables (For each year group) - Pdf Download
Progression in Sentence Types - Using Alan Peat's Sentence Types - Pdf Download
Progression in Grammar and Punctuation - Pdf Download
Progression in Handwriting - Pdf Download

Writers Toolkits:

Year 6 - Writers Toolkit Y6 Pdf
Year 5 - Writers Toolkit Y5 Pdf
Year 4 - Writers Toolkit Y4 Pdf
Year 3 - Writers Toolkit Y3 Pdf
Year 2 - Writers Toolkit Y2 Pdf
Year 1 - Writers Toolkit Y1 Pdf

How to improve Writing Skills for children - Pdf download
Fine Motor skills activities and Ideas - Pdf download

Useful Websites:

- Wordsforlife.org.uk
- https://www.readbrightly.com/13-excellent-writing-apps-websites-kids/
- Websites where kids can create books
- https://www.spellingshed.com/en-gb/index.htm

Pupil Voice:

What our pupils say about their English lessons!‍

Whole School Writing Project

- Aladdin - Autumn 2021
- 'The Journey - Summer 2021’

Our School Writing Displays

- Click here to view

Press Gang

Press Gang consists of 15 children from years 5 and 6 who are passionate about writing and are keen to develop their skills even further. They meet once a week with Miss Garner and discuss events which have taken place in school and topical issues that may be going on in the world. The children then plan, draft and write their articles and may interview appropriate people before finally going through the editing process in order for it to be published into our termly newspaper.

Please click on the links below to look at the newspapers that we have published. We hope that you enjoy reading the articles. Look out for many more next year!

Writer of the Week

September 30th 2022

September 23rd 2022

September 16th 2022

September 9th 2022

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