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Behaviour Policy

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Wellbeing & Behaviour Policy

Pupil Wellbeing and Behaviour for Learning

Our vision at the Leys is that ALL children are safe, happy and healthy.

• We strive to ensure all children are motivated to share in positive, creative learning experiences.

• Our expectation is ‘Respect for ALL by ALL’ to include all members of our school community. Our school motto is ‘Friendship and Learning’, where we maximise potential and celebrate achievement.

• We offer clear guidelines for behaviour and conduct through celebrating and modelling positive interaction with others.

•  We set clear guidelines for ‘behaviour for learning’ as well as clear consequences for when our ‘golden rules’ are broken.

• We acknowledge the rights and responsibilities of the individual to make the right choices within a caring and supportive environment.

We use a Good to be Green traffic light approach to enable pupils of all ages understand what is expected of them.

School Rules

1) We always try our best and we are proud of our achievements.

2) We listen to others and we work well as a team.

3) We make wise choices and we learn from our mistakes.

4) We are friendly to others and we show them respect.

5) We keep ourselves and others safe.

The Leys Primary & Nursery School

Ripon Road, Stevenage, Herts, SG1 4QZ.
01438 314148

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