The Leys Primary and Nursery School

Meet Our Staff

Senior Leadership Team

Mrs D Khangura
Head Teacher
Responsibility: Safeguarding, Leadership & Management, Progress & Attainment, Teaching and Learning, Professional Development and Coaching lead. Attendance. Behaviour and Wellbeing.

Mrs A Barr
Deputy Head Teacher
Responsibility:  Safeguarding,Teaching and Learning, Behaviour and Wellbeing, Special Educational Needs and Disabilities , Mental Health Lead teacher and Designated teacher for Looked after children.

Dr A Christie
Assistant Head Teacher / Class Teacher
Responsibility:  Upper KS2 Leader, Mathematics Subject Leader, Pupil Parliament, Global Learning,Volunteers Manager, Professional Mentor.

Mrs A-M Fonseca
School Business Manager
Responsibility:  School Finance, Health & Safety, Medical Plans, Lunchtime Staff, First Aid, Breakfast & After School Club.

Miss M Doherty
Assistant Head teacher/ Class Teacher
Responsibility: KS1 Team Leader, Pupil Premium Leader, Designated teacher for Post Looked after children.

Miss J Garner
Lead Teacher/ Class Teacher 
Responsibility: English Writing, More Able Leader and Lead for Action Research.

Middle Leadership Team

Miss K Chandraratna
Class Teacher
Responsibility:  Lower KS2 Leader.     

Mrs S Harris
Responsibility:  SEND Leader, ASD Lead, SLC Lead, Behaviour and Wellbeing, Mental Health Lead teacher.

Miss S Lea
Class Teacher
Responsibility:  English Reading Leader.

Miss Hayley Luzzeri
Class Teacher
Responsibility: Science Leader.

Ms L O’Brien 
Class Teacher
Responsibility: Early Years Leader.  

Miss E Taylor
Class Teacher
Responsibility: Leader of Cultural Education and PSHE Leader

Early Years

Higher Learning Teaching Assistant: Mrs C Smith 


Campbell Class
Teacher: Mrs E Balaban
Responsibility:  Early Years Leader

Early Years Practitioner: Mrs L Stewart
Learning Support: Mrs D Vaughan-Gray


Benjamin Class
Teacher: Miss Lawther

Higher Level Teaching Assistant / Class Teacher: Mrs C Smith
Higher Level Teaching Assistant: Mrs S Jones

Murphy Class
Teacher: Miss S Lea
Responsibility:  English Reading Subject Leader

Teaching Assistant: Mrs C Smith

Key Stage One

Higher Level Teaching Assistant: Mrs N Chapman
Pupil Premium Mentor: Mrs S Gajic

Year 1

Bryon Class
Teacher: Mrs H Buckley
Responsibility: Religious Education Subject Leader

Teaching Assistant: Ms Ilse Ogungbenle
Learning Support: Mrs K Pockett
Learning Support: Mrs T Mc Donoough

Kerr Class
Teacher: Mrs Webb (Mon - Wed) / Miss Parry  (Thurs- Fri covering Mrs Masiey maternity leave) 
Responsibility:  D&T leader

Teaching Assistant: Mrs M Darratt 
Pupil Premium Mentor: Mrs S Gajic

Year 2

Soundar Class
Teacher: Miss M Doherty
Responsibility:  KS1 Leader, Pupil Premium Leader

Teaching Assistant: Mrs D Kirby

Donaldson Class
Teacher: Mr K Harlock
Responsibility:  Computing Leader

Teaching Assistant: Mrs S Leadbetter / Mrs J House
Learning Support: Mrs P. Bains

Lower Key Stage 2

Year 3

Gavin Class
Teacher: Ms K. Fathers 
Responsibility: Computing Leader

Higher Level Teachig Assistant: Mrs M Davies
Teaching Assistant: Mrs G Hildebrandt

Dahl Class
Teacher: Miss A Glenister
Responsibility: Art Leader

Teaching Assistant: Mrs L Banks
Learning Support: Ms.L Warner

Year 4

Morpurgo Class
Teacher: Miss K Chandraratna 
Responsibility: Lower KS2 & History Leader

Teaching Assistant: Ms J Boardman

Mante Class
Teacher: Miss E Taylor  
Responsibility:  Cultural Education & PSHE Leader

Teaching Assistant: Mrs S Rowell / Madame Feuer
Learning Support: Mrs C Phipps

Upper Key Stage 2

Year 5

Zephaniah Class
Teacher: Mrs E Sullivan (Mon- Wed) & Mrs Soule (Thurs- Fri): School Travel Plan

Teaching Assistant: Mrs L Storey

Riordan Class
Teacher: Miss J Garner
Responsibility: Writing & More Able Leader

Teaching assistant: Mrs  H Westwood

Year 6

Malala Class
Teacher: Dr A Christie
Responsibility:  Upper KS2 & Mathematics Leader,  Shakespeare

Teaching Assistant: Miss M Devonshire
Teaching Assistant: Mr M Page

Blackman Class
Teacher: Miss Hayley Luzzeri
Responsibility: Science Leader

Teaching Assistant: Mr M Page

Teacher: Miss Lucy Greve 
Responsibility: Geography Leader

Pupil Premium Mentor: Mrs A Pathak

Subject Specialists

Mr B Byford  
Specialist Sports Teacher
Responsibility:  PE Subject leader

Mr J Newlands: PE Specialist

Mrs D Dilley
Responsibility: Specialist Reading/ SEND Teacher

Mrs R Gwinnett Music Teacher
Responsibility:  Music Subject leader

Mr S Sapsed Specialist Dance Teacher


Mrs A Fonseca
School Business Manager
Responsibility:  School Finance/Health & Safety Officer

Miss J Bullen
Responsibility:  Admissions

Mrs L Hoskins
Finance Assistant & Admin
Responsibility:  School Finance

Mrs K Reeves
Responsibility: Attendance

Support Staff

Mrs S Clibbon
DSP Safeguarding Lead / Family Worker
Responsibility:  Mental Health Lead

Mrs S Heath
SEND Teaching Assistant

Mrs S Gajic
Pupil Premium Learning Mentor KS1

Mrs M Davies
Pupil Premium Learning Mentor Lower KS2

Mrs A Pathak
Pupil Premium Learning Mentor Upper KS2

Mid-Day Supervisors

Miss L Caslake - Lunchtime Manager
Tracie Milner - MSA
Karen Pockett  - MSA
Alison Gannon - MSA
Sarah Sharp  - MSA


Mrs Mary Kiraka - Cook

Site Manager

Mr M Small - Site Manager

The Leys Primary & Nursery School

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