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SMSC and British Values

Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Education

At the Leys we promote spiritual, moral, social and cultural education throughout the school day, every day.

SMSC education is defined as:

Spiritual -
The growth of a sense of self, unique potential, understanding of strengths and weaknesses, a will to achieve, questions and challenges and recognise a need to address one’s none material well-being.

We develop spiritual education through:

• Curriculum plans, including Religious Education ( a multi-faith approach based upon the Hertfordshire guidelines)
• Visiting places of worship
• Whole school assemblies and celebrations of a wide range of spiritual leaders.
• Outdoor learning
• Residential visits
• Sporting activities
• Christian Harvest, Easter celebrations, and Christmas celebrations including Carol Services in the church.
• Nurture groups
• Visits from faith groups
• Time to reflect upon learning and experiences

Moral -
An understanding of the difference between right, wrong, moral conflict, developing concern for others reflection on the consequences of actions and making responsible moral decisions and acting on them.

We develop moral education through:

• Curriculum plans, including PSHE when pupils have the opportunity to learn different points of view through discussion and debate
• Whole school Assemblies and the explicit discussion of school values, and thought of the week communicated to parents and carers through newsletter
• Weekly school Values assemblies and Thought of the week.
• Regular discussions about personal conduct, behaviour and citizenship
• Anti-bullying activities and Anti-bullying week
• E-Safety teaching
• Circle times
• Celebration of children who are achieving the Good to be Green in class.
• Child participation in a range of pupil groups: School Parliament, Eco Committee and Peer Mentors.
• Charity appeals

Social -
A realisation of responsibilities and rights, ability to relate to others, work with them for the common good, a sense of belonging and the awareness of the need and possibility of making an active contribution to society.

We develop social education through:

• Implementation of Family Links through class circle times
• Pupil Groups including: School Parliament, Eco Committee and Peer Mentors.
• Stevenage pupil parliament events such as Love in a Box, collecting food for charities; and litter campaigns to keep our neighbourhood clean.
• Rights Respecting School initiative
• Residential visits in year 4 and 6
• Educational visits
• Afterschool clubs including: Dance, football, chess, , choir
• African Drumming for year 5
• Participation in Music/Dance events: Music Festivals at Royal Festival Hall and Local and County wide dance festivals
• Transition visits
• Play leaders
• Class Buddies
• Participation in Charity support: Charity enterprise projects, Children in Need, Red Nose Day
• Participation in Sporting events
• School house sports competitions

Cultural -
An understanding of cultural traditions, appreciate and respond to a variety of aesthetic experiences; respect for one’s own culture/s and the cultures of others; a curiosity about difference; an ability to contribute to culture.

We develop cultural events education through:

• Curriculum, including both core and foundation subjects
• Whole school International days/events at school
• School visits to museums, galleries, concerts, theatre visits
• Meeting authors
• Opportunities to take part in school productions /Performances
• Steel Pans for year 5.
• Singing assemblies for all years.
• Opportunities for individual instrumental lessons
• Visits from people of different cultures
• MFL teaching and learning
• Sports Day


British Values

Please click here to read our British Values statement.

At the Leys Primary and Nursery School we actively promote British Values, as set out by the Department for Education in 2014 ‘Promoting fundamental British values as part of Social Moral Spiritual and Cultural development in schools (SMSC).’  Our British Values statement describes fundamental British values as democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, and mutual respect and tolerance of others. These values are integral to our curriculum, alongside our commitment to promoting equality and celebrating diversity outlined in our Equality Scheme 2017. We challenge pupils, staff or parents who express opinions contrary to British values.

British Values Education is defined as:


The rule of law

Individual liberty

Mutual respect

Tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs

We develop British values education through:

• Curriculum, including both core and foundation subjects, and in particular PSHE and values education
• Celebration through whole school events such as Remembrance of Armistice Day, St Georges Day, British History week
• Pupil parliament and Stevenage pupil parliament
• School trips e.g. Parliament buildings
• School values: excellence, respect, equality, determination, courage, inspiration
• SMSC education
• International events
• Assemblies that teach British values, celebrate British persons who have been inspirational in their field

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Please click here to read our British Values statement.