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Pupil Parliament

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The money raised over the past 12 months has gone towards buying high visibility jackets for the school to be used during school trips, Easter eggs for the school Easter egg hunt and Christmas presents for the whole school when Father Christmas came to visit. The Friends of the Leys also made a contribution towards the school ‘Science Week’ which was very popular.

Pupil Parliament

At the Leys all pupils are involved in Pupil Parliament groups who meet two or three times a term. These are mixed groups of about 12-14 pupils from Y1 to 6. Year 6 pupils have the opportunity to develop their leadership skills and lead the meeting. They discuss a range of questions that are compiled by our School Cabinet. Year 6 leaders then feedback their responses to the School Cabinet.

Questions we asked at our first Pupil Parliament

  • Do you feel safe in school?
  • Do you feel safe in the community?
  • What clubs would you like to have at Ther Leys that are not here already?
  • How do you think we as a school can help our community?
  • What are some fun ways to raise money for charity?
  • What suggestions do you have to help make our school a better place?

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School Cabinet

Lewis S
Sophie M
Sophie B

Our School Cabinet were elected through a Whole School election during the General Election June 8 2017. This year Mr Zarka is leading this group and supports them with any school improvement proposals.

Election time!













Stevenage Pupil Parliament

Our SCHOOL CABINET elected three members of the group to represent our school in the Stevenage Pupil Parliament. They attend meetings at the Stevenage Council building and meet at least twice each term. They will also have the opportunity to visit Parliament buildings in June 2018. In the Autumn term the group attended two meetings:

18 September: Team building event at Barnwell School

16 October: Pupil Parliament meeting Council Chambers

Click here to view the minutes from 16 October: Pupil Parliament meeting Council Chambers









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