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Parents forum

NEXT MEETING IS:  30 January 9am..  See you there!

We work hard in school to make sure we are offering your children the best possible education.

We are a school who listens,

• We listen to our pupils, and they have Pupil Parliament to share their views.

• We listen to our staff who meet together in teams every week

AND we listen to you as PARENTS and CARERS….

We meet with Parent and carers on a regular basis to discuss ways we can improve our school. Join us for a coffee. Parent Forums are advertised in the newsletter, and a text is sent out to advise you of meetings coming up.

What do we do?

Discuss a range of items to help us continue to develop and improve our school. Your input has helped us improve our parent partnership, and develop important school policies.

Who can come?

Any parent or carer who has a child in our school.

How long is the Forum?

It usually lasts no more than an hour, sometimes a little more.

Can I bring my baby or toddler?

Of course! We always welcome our families into school

Do I have to come to every Forum?

No! We would welcome you to any meeting you can attend.


Notes from previous Forums

Issues discussed 31 October / 22 November 2017

we discussed the questions asked and outcomes of the Paent Carer survey.

Issues discussed September 2017

Transition to  new year group
Parent reported that the transition meetings were useful. They would prefer that these all take place in the summer term. This is still under discussion due to the workload of teachers.

Parents Forum indicated that the strengths of our school are:
- Great teachers who concentrate on pupils.
- Good communication.
- Safeguarding including safety of pupils.
- Grounds and facilities
- Workshops for Parents More workshops that focused on mathematics and Grammar were requested.
- Reporting to Parents We discussed having a third parents evening in the summer alongside a report but agreed an open afternoon would suffice.

Issues discussed June 2017

Thank you to all the parents and carers who attended Parent Forum this week. We appreciate your support, and YES! I made cake!

This week we discussed the following:
- We are launching a new website in September and we were thinking of ways to make the website parent friendly.
- We discussed end of term arrangements, transition meetings for parents and carers. Parents asked that information be made available for them after the meeting.
- We discussed communication and the new school text and email system. Parents wanted to be sure they   received all the school texts.
- We discussed ways to improve    parent forum next year to involve more parents throughout each phase.

Issues discussed March 2017

We have developed Pupil Friendly policies for Behaviour and Bullying. Parents liked these. Parents were content with the systems in place to ensure bullying is dealt with effectively .

End of year report
We discussed a new format to the end of year report. Parents made some suggestions about how they would like to improve the draft they were given.

More Able
Parents were asked questions to help us complete a questionnaire on how well we are supporting more able pupils. Parents would like more opportunities for pupils to excel in subjects such as History and Geography. The range of clubs were also discussed. Parent would like the option of more clubs in school.

We discussed the new Book Swap event that only started that day. We need more support for this. Remember pupils don’t need a book to come along!

Issues discussed November 2016

All parents liked the Mini Maths that comes home as they have seen their children improve.
Parents like to have feedback about the homework from teachers. I said that teachers can’t always give feedback due to time.
Parents requested that their children had no homework over half term and holidays. I agreed with the exception of Reading as this was too important, and Year 6 and Year2 will be sending home extra homework to help pupils achieve well in tests.
Parents thought it was reasonable that pupils complete their homework at school if they haven’t finished it at home, which is our current policy.
Some parents requested more information about homework that included tasks they may not understand. They asked if they could access this from the website.

Flyer about Parent Forum
We discussed if Parents know what Parent Forum is. Many parents didn’t know. I suggested that I make a flyer to be given to new parents, and current parents to let them know.

Buddy Parents
A new parent suggested to me that new parents to the school are given a buddy parent to help them settle into the school. We agreed this would work well, especially for parents who have English as an additional language. Great idea!

Marvellous Me
Parents liked this. Some parents had more messages than others but liked the app.

Several parents had seen the blog and liked it. They asked if it would be kept up to date. I promised that I would do my best!

Parent/Carer questionnaire
Last year my parent forum parents helped me to agree the form and analyse the outcomes from the questionnaire . We agreed that it would stay much the same this year, and there would be Christmas raffle prizes to be won. Leaders have decided that although we will have one form. Parent will be able to tick different boxes for each of their children.

Parents and carers requested that letters go home on the same day so they have fair   access to clubs. They asked what happened to pupils on waiting lists. I will follow this up.

Thank you to everyone who attended.

Parent Forum really helps our school!

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